May 06

Snap Chat - The Fashionable Mum

 I love The Fashionable Mum, Vicki's writing makes me giggle, her style makes me swoon and her knowledge of beauty products has me wondering why I don't have mascara/concealer/moisturiser in my bathroom already. From one gal that adores fashion I point you in the direction of another, I promise you won't regret stopping by and saying hi xx

Favourite place to go or thing to do when not blogging?

In true fashion blogger style, I'm a bit of an avid window shopper and spend quite a bit of my free time wandering around shopping malls, getting ideas for my blog and trying stuff on.  I probably should answer this with "I love to spend time creating stuff from cardboard and string with my three little angels, then making baked goods from alfalfa and pine nuts".....but that would be a lie.


Best tips for bloggers wanting to work with brands?

I'm fairly new to this blogging lark, but I've found that approaching brands in a positive and enthusiastic manner is always the way to go.  No matter what brand it is, if you're polite, pleasant and upfront about what you can (and can't offer) them, then at the very least you will get a response from them and they will remember you for future opportunities.


What makes a good blog post?

If I could create my very own Frankenstein  post it would have the humour of Woogsworld, the photos from Where the Styled Things Are and the style of Stying You.  A blog post, however, cannot be all things to all people but I try to make mine entertaining, visually interesting and with a bit of humour too.


Favourite Thing and Why?

My current favourite thing is my new Mimco Clutch - it is my absolute favourite shade of emerald green and it was such a bargain that I very often sneak into my closet just to give it a stroke.


Pet Peeve

Oh my goodness, I probably have too many to list here!  I dislike people that eat with their mouth open or talk with their mouth full.  I also can't abide people who don't know how to use a knife and fork properly.  In fact, bad table manners are probably my pet peeve (ask my kids!!) and if anyone over the age of 10 uses their fork like a shovel, well, I will not be responsible for my actions!


Vicki, aka The Fashionable Mum, spends far too much time virtual shopping on the internet and when she's not doing that she's ferrying her three kids to various sporting activities.  The Fashionable Mum blog is a place to go to find affordable style with a side helping of humour.


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